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Sunday, June 9, 2019

A good day for a Family BBQ.....

   ☕ ~ Good Afternoon my dear friends and family!   Hope today is finding you well and your day is blessed!  I'm doing well and my day is definitely blessed!!!  5 of my 6 babies are here today for a family BBQ!  Patrick and K came home for a visit!  My heart is so full right now! The weather is lovely... High 60s / Low 70s!  Sun is out ... but its also a bit cloudy ... so its perfect for grilling out!! 

Here we have Patrick showing his brothers Michael and Christopher how to be silly and still grill the best hamburgers... hot dogs and brats!  :)

My son-in-law Jared sitting with his sweet daughter ... waiting patiently for the food.

Oh... here we go... Food is getting set out!  My daughter-in-law K... son David and grandson Evan are finishing up the deviled eggs!  YUM!

Well... my daughter-in-law Patricia is first in line.   LOL
Look at that beautiful pose!!  She sure is proud of herself getting to the food first!
I love that girl!!!

Finally everyone sitting down to enjoy a wonderful collection of food!
My son David... my son the grill master Patrick ... and my son Christopher

And here is my beautiful Daughter Jamie!
My sweet girl!  Laughing at her brothers and enjoying herself!

Enjoying the sun and each others company!
~Patricia... Jared... my son Michael... Michael's girl Gracie... K... and my mom!

Patrick & K.

Hope you all have as much of a wonderful day as I am!   I LOVE having my babies around me! & blessings to you all
Tammy 💕

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