Verse of the day...

~ “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thankful Thursday.......

~ And what a Thankful Thursday it is!!  Even with all the nonsense going on in my life… I have so very much to be thankful for!  First of which I am Thankful for my Lord God ... who protects me… guides me and loves me! 

I’m so thankful for….

… my children!  What an absolute blessing they are! 
… coffee!  And even more when your office manager/dear friend brings you your favorite Starbucks coffee!
… mechanics! My truck..running so much better after an oil change and some front end work!  David’s Jeep moving along better after an oil change and a new alternator!  Michael’s car feeling better after its oil change and power steering leak fixed.
… my job!  Especially after being reminding that I have an important role there and I’m appreciated! 
… the temperature being back on the rise for a warmer weekend!  55* coming this Sunday.
… comfy clothes!  Great way to end a day!  Get home from work… get comfortable… have a lovely dinner… work on some flower seed orders… then relax the rest of the night away with my crocheting!
J  Weekends are even better if you have no where you need to go!!!
… photographs!  I printed several different pictures of Ken to have at the office so he’s near me!   I love photos.. the memories that are captured! 
… physical postal mail!  I love getting a simple card or a letter in the mail!  It’s so nice to really take the time out of your day to show someone they matter enough to actually take some time for them with a simple letter or card.
… my crocheting!  I love being able to make things for others… to show them I was thinking of them… and/or just how much I care for them!  I really feel that my crafting is a talent that God blessed me with to reach out to others!  It definitely fills my hear with joy reaching out to fill the hearts of others with joy!
… God word!   His special way to talk to us… teach us and show us His love for us!
*Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine.  Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. – John 15:4*

Have a very Thankful Thursday
God Bless

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wintery Wednesday.....

  ~  G❆❆d Morning…
Hope everyone is staying warm today.  It’s a whopping  -10* out today. Brrr!
I’m so thankful I have a space-heater at work!  I’m also extremely thankful my truck is back from the mechanic and is running great now!  `whew`  Sure did cost a pretty penny… but it had to be done and God made sure it was possible for me to get it fixed by not making the bill more than I could handle… especially with all the other financial things I’m dealing with right now!

This is a great day to be tucked at home with comfy clothes on … a cup of coffee … and crocheting!  J   I know what I’ll be doing when I get home from work after I fill flower seed orders. 

Working on stockings…..

Or working on a blanket…..

Its also days like this that I think about snuggling on the couch with my love binge watching Criminal Minds or a CSI.  I miss Ken so much!   But because I’m mom… I have to hold it together all the time.  Understand… I do not want… nor  would I ever intentionally burden my children with my grief…. But it stinks that I have to hold it all inside.  When it gets too hard to hold it in… I have to fall apart in private.  No one to hold me .. no one to take the reins for just a little while … no one to just let me have a melt down.  Its just hard some days!   It will be 3 years this summer and I miss Ken just as much now as I did the day he left this earth.  I miss his voice… his smile… his dumb jokes – lol.  I miss the way he always made me feel pretty!  I miss him holding me when things were rough… taking the reins for me for a little while … letting me have my melt down and not think bad of me.   I miss our love!  Our love was good… strong… and purposeful!  Like every marriage we had our ups and downs… but our love always prevailed!!! With God in the middle of our love… we were always secure.  

Thank you Lord for blessing part of my life with that wonderful man!  I miss him so desperately … but am so grateful he is by your side till we meet again!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone ….
May your lives be blessed with a love like I had!
God Bless

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Today's Sermon...........

Today's Sermon can be found HERE.

Blessings to you all.....

Saturday, January 26, 2019

A snow shoveling Satuday....

  ~ Good Morning………
Hope all is going well for everyone!   Its back outside this morning for us to shovel the driveway again for the 3rd Saturday in a row.   Its starting to become a routine… that I’m not having fun with.  My back in not impressed!!   I love the Winter and the snow… but my back doesn’t … LOL

I do appreciate a fresh cup of coffee with hot cocoa in it though when I come in from the cold… yum!   It does also make for a good rest of the day to get some crocheting done!  There is also some good moments of stopping for a while just to take in God and all He has created!  

I noticed while shoveling this morning the cutest little bunny tracks.  They have the cutest little foot prints!  There was even a couple bird tracks too! 

As I sit and whine about shoveling snow… I see these little tracks in the snow that remind me of all the animals that are out there living in it…. Which then reminds me of all the People out there living in it!!!  I bet any one of those homeless folks would give anything to have home with a driveway they have to shovel every Saturday!   This can really put things in perspective for you!

We need to be extremely thankful and much more giving! 


~Dear God….
When I stop to appreciate all I have, I need to remember, everyone is not so fortunate. Some have heavy hearts today. They face challenges aplenty, dysfunction and disappointments. I ask for Your blessings on those in need of joy. Cause their hearts to be happy in spite of circumstances. Let them know, You are always near.


God Bless

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thankful Thursday...........

   ~ Good morning

So much going on… mostly stuff carried over from last year. 
A ridiculously stressful issue that has actually been going on for the last 3 years now… sigh   Has got me so upset at times.
Still dealing with some serious financial issues.
Dreams getting put on hold or if nothing else forced to take a different route.
Vehicles needing some tending to that aren’t quite in the budget this month

But……….. do I dwell on the negative… or be Thankful for what I have?!

I’m Thankful …..

… that the 3 year stressful issue will someday come to an end... that I have a good lawyer… and God is on my side and has this all under control

… for my awesome job!  My finances although messed up a bit right now… will get worked out.  Ken always said, “ its just money… I’ll make more “   Yep… it may take a while to get things settled… but I will. I am and will continue be faithful to God… He will and always has been faithful to taking care of me! 

… bumps in the roads… being just bumps!  The path of our Dreams aren’t always straight and flat… sometimes we have to deal with hills and valley’s and some twists and turns to get the best out of what we are trying to accomplish.  Let God drive… Sit back and let Him show you the best route of your dreams!

… that my children and I all have a vehicle at all… that can be fixed when needed.  That I have a mechanic that treats my family right!

God is Good… so very Good!
God Bless

Monday, January 21, 2019

Make a Difference Monday.......

   ~ Good morning

God has placed us where we are for a purpose; whether we can see it or not, God has his glory in mind for our good. This means the place God puts us is not really about us—it’s about him and his kingdom. If we only look for what we desire, we will always exist in a waiting period—waiting for God to take us somewhere else or give us something we want. But, if we see the place God has put us as somewhere we can act for his glory, then we will grow where we are and we will cherish the place we are in because it became fruitful in ways we never imagined.

The Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30 is a wonderful example. To summarize the parable, a master is going on a journey and he has entrusted his servants with some of his talents, each according to their ability. The master did not give the servants an equal share; he gave them what they could handle and expected them to do great things with it regardless of how much they were given.

The servant who received five talents doubled what he was given and was able to give the master 10 talents when he returned; the servant who received 2 talents also doubled what he was given and was able to give the master 4 talents when he returned. The master gave the same response to both of these men, in Matthew 25:21: "His master said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.'" It didn’t matter that they were given different amounts in the beginning; they both used what the master gave them and expanded upon it for his glory.
The third servant received one talent, and instead of investing it, he buried it. When the master returned, this servant gave the talent (unused) back to the master. The servant missed the bigger picture, and he missed the vast grace of the master because he was too caught up in himself and what he wasn't given. Because the servant did not use even the little he was given, he was not counted as faithful.

This parable urges us to do three things in the place God has put us:

1. Recognize that God has given you exactly what you can handle for his glory in the place he has put you. 

What does that mean? It means instead of focusing on what you don’t have, see the place you are in as a gift to be used for God’s glory. There is so much we can learn from God when we embrace the place he has us in, rather than wasting our time looking for a way out. If you don’t understand the place God has put you, pray for understanding, ask for guidance, and read his Word for clarity. Remember that wherever you are God has a purpose for this place, and he has equipped you to bring him glory there.

2. Use what God has given you to the best of your ability for his glory. 

God will give you the strength you need to accomplish the tasks he has placed before you. Matthew 5:15 declares, “Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.” The gospel is to be shared with all people, in all places, at all times. Wherever you are, you are a steward of God’s gospel in your community. Don’t waste the place you are in because it doesn’t fit your ideal description of where you want to be. No matter what, continue to use what you have been given for the glory of the Giver.

3. Do not compare what God has given you with what he has given someone else.

If you have been given what seems like a little, do great things with that little! It’s not about how much we have, but rather what we do with the things God has given us. Everything we have been given is God’s first, and any little bit he gives us is a gift to be used and shared in humility and joy.

When we do not use what God has given us, we are surely coveting something else or someplace else. We often focus on the earthly blessings that we desire and have yet to receive, rather than the eternal blessings we have been promised, which are infinitely better than anything we could ask for or seek on this earth. 

Are you producing fruit where God has placed you? If not, ask yourself why you are not using the gifts God has given you. For when the Master returns, he will look not at how much you did but your faithfulness with what you were given.

Make a Difference!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Show & Share Saturday................

Good Morning....
Brrrr…… 6* today!   Its an icy/cold day today.   A good day to stay in and crochet!!
I have plenty of projects to keep me busy… one being Christmas gifts!
I did take some time to help a very dear friend in need this last week.  She came to me with a baby blanket her mom had started to crochet before she passed away.  I was asked to finish it for her to give her great nephew for his baptism.  I was more than happy to do it… and actually quite honored that she asked me.   So… here it is.   I’m rather happy with how it turned out… I sure hope my friend likes it!   I weaved a piece of iridescent ribbon through where her mom had stopped working on the blanket.  From the ribbon down is her work… and from the ribbon up is mine.   It was a beautiful pattern and I really enjoyed finishing it.

Now this is Christmas 2019 on the move.   😊   

Thanks for stopping by for a few minutes today.
I hope y’all have a great rest of your weekend!
God Bless

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thankful Thursday.......

    ~ Good Morning …….

How are you all this chili Thankful Thursday?  Yep… its cold… gloomy and
getting ready to snow again…. But I am so thankful to have this day to keep moving forward with God!  Through all the issues going on in my life… staying organized and focused with my Lord & Savior is what shows me how thankful I should be… and I am!

Today… I’m Thankful for…

… my Lord God – Father in Heaven – Almighty Savior… coffee… just a light dusting of snow last night so it didn’t cause a problem getting to work today… the warm heater in my truck… a nice cup of oatmeal to get my day started at work… fresh cup of coffee
… my youngest two getting to work safely
… lunch with my cousin Kelly – I’m so grateful for time with her… being able to help a friend in need with a crochet project
… staying focused on getting Christmas gifts done for this year
… more coffee
... my lawyer... I appreciate all he is doing to help me!
... my wonderful church family!!

~ Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. *  James 1:17 ~
God Bless


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Moving right along...............


       ~ Good morning everyone……

Well… it’s a whole 27* out and its cloudy! Brrrr
There is still plenty of snow left on the ground from this last weekend and now they are calling for more snow this coming weekend.   OhMy!

My mom and I have been busy getting ready for ‘busy season’ with our Flower seed shops.   But on good old snow days… we craft!!   Things have been moving along steadily… staying focused on my year of organization… physically… emotionally and spiritually!  I’ve been getting crocheting projects done.  I have my office at home organized so that filling orders and getting ready for tax time will be easier!  I’ve really been putting my trust in God more and more… and leaving it there!  My heart has been a bit more at ease lately because I’m not taking things back from God that I have given to Him… either because I’m impatient or because I think I have the better answer!  His Time… His Way!


But I wanted to take a few minutes on here for just a little Show & Share time.

My mom has been back at sewing lately.  She has been busy making these Bowl Potholders.

I’ve been working on some Christmas items for this year.. one being Stockings.
Here is a red one I have about half done. 


I put that stocking on hold for a few days as I was asked by a very dear friend to finish a baby blanket that her mother had started before she passed away.
Just about done with it.


I started this c2c blanket to have something different to work on in between stockings.

God Bless

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Snowy Saturday......

⛄☕  A quick little share today............ this is what we woke up to this morning.........
So very pretty.... but I'm thinking a back breaker when it comes time to shovel.

my little Miss Molly has the right idea on a snowy day like today.   😂

Stay safe and warm everyone!
God Bless

Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy Birthday..............

~ 20 years!!!
Yep....20 years ago today... God blessed me with my Michael!
I can't believe how quickly the years have flown by! One minute he was just a tiny glow bug... the next... he's on the road to being a youth pastor! Amazing!!
Happy birthday my sweet boy!!!
I'm so very proud of you!!...

This is a little tower of donuts I left for Michael this morning as I left for work.  I wanted him to wake up and find a fun breakfast birthday cake to start his day off with! 

 Birthday cards and Donut Tower!!
love you Mikey Jo!!!

Love… ma’ma

God Bless

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thankful Thursday...........

Good Morning all…………

God is so awesome!!! He is a perfect parent.... an amazing Father!
Many of us pray.... some everyday.... some not as often as we like or should.. and some ... only when we've reached that deep sadness... desperation or last straw. And of all these prayers...they are usually a need or want. We forget to pray in Thanks!

So…….. today I am Thankful for...

~ my Lord God for all I have to be thankful for!

~ coffee

~ each of my children!  They are the light of my life!

~ memories of dancing in BWW… ‘mini vacations’ to local hotels just to get away for the weekend… laughing till our tummies hurt… loving till our hearts hurt!

~ oatmeal

~ my awesome job!

~ great weather this month to be able to get some things done.

~ staying on track… staying organized… staying focused – all with God

~ getting a good start on my crochet/knitting projects for this year

~ having several projects going at the same time and being able to control them all.

~ my lawyer!

~ my mechanic

~ my amazing mother

~ memories of learning to tie my shoes… being taught to make scrambled eggs… fishing trips… and huge bear hugs when I walked in the door.

~ favors… sharing… listening ear… shoulders to lean on… & prayers


Many Blessings to you all!
Have a wonderfully Thankful Thursday!!

Tammy Y

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday.............

….. and wonderful it is!  Sun is shining… temperature is 40*… and God is good!
Count your blessings!  How many times have you had someone say this to you?  

Did your mother ever tell you to count your blessings when you were complaining as a child? I know mine did. Whenever I was getting negative and starting to complain about things not going my way she would tell me to count my blessings. When I was young, I had no clue what that meant. As an adult I totally get it. God has blessed me with so much, and sometimes I need to remind myself.

Psalms 103:1-4
Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,

David knew what it was like to be taken care of by the Lord. In the first four verses, he recounts the many ways that the Lord has blessed him. His sin has been forgiven, and he has been healed of diseases, redeemed from the pit, and crowned with steadfast love and mercy. He doesn’t want to forget all of these benefits, so he repeats them back to the Lord. This is something we should do as well. Spend some time recounting all of the many blessings God has bestowed on you.
For all of those blessings, David wants to return the blessing back to the Lord. His heart is full of gratefulness so he sings “Bless the LORD, O my soul!” With all of his heart, David worships the LORD. The way that we bless the LORD is by worshipping him. No gift or act of service will ever come close to the blessing of worship. Give him all the praise and glory.
Are you going through a difficult time? Maybe you feel stuck in life and can’t seem to get out? Instead of focusing on your situation remember two things: First recount the blessings that God has given you and second remember that he has crowned you with steadfast love and mercy. When we do this, our heart will be full, and all of our problems won’t seem so big. Count Your Blessings.

God Bless


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Terrific Tuesday.......

☕ Good Morning……

Hope all is going well for everyone! 

Well… so far… so good with staying on track for this to be my year to get organized!
God is always first in my day!  I wake up thanking Him every morning for a new day!  I listen to songs of praise and worship all the way to work and prepare my day having God in control of all of it!
I’m still finishing up with getting new folders made and put in my file cabinet at home… but its coming along nicely!  I know where everything is and now can stay on top of things!
I’ve started a temperature blanket for myself for this year.  It’s the accomplishment that I will have at the end of the year to show that this year was a new beginning. 
This is my little Color/Temperature Gage that I will be using to make my blanket and any future blankets! 

I have my lists all made out for Christmas gifts this year…. And I’ve already started on some.
I’ve started getting all my tax stuff together for my accountant…. And I think I may finally be caught up to just being my taxes this year.  *whew*  I didn’t realize how much paper work there was after Ken passed to tend to! 
Speaking of paper work... I need to get back to mine.  
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Blessings to you all....

~Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on him while he is near.  Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts.  Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them, and to our God, for hi will freely pardon.  - Isaiah 55:6-7~

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Friday, January 4, 2019

A little show & share Friday......

☼ ☕ Good Morning everyone!
 Thought I would just pop in to show off a few random things.

This is my new office space at home.   My sons Christopher and Michael put my desk together for me after my sweet David cleaned out this room to have it ready for them... then he brought all the goodies in for me to put where I wanted them.  I spent the weekend purging and organizing ... and this is what I have so far.   I still have a few more files to go through and some decorative items to put up... but I'm quite happy with my office!

 This is the little space above my desk on the hutch that I have dedicated to Ken's Spot.
He watches over me while I work and keeps me company!

This is a scarf I'm working on with some left over yarn from a blanket.
I have my year cut out for me as far as my list of projects I plan on getting done!  I say it every year... I'm going to work on Christmas gifts all year and give everyone a homemade item.... WELL.... this year.. darn it.. I'm going to do it!   That's part of my new "organized" life.  
I'm super proud of myself... I sent out the first birthday card of the year... I started on Christmas gifts.. and I'm finishing this scarf up for the "gift drawer"  I have my Flower Seed business pretty organized and ready for 'busy season'.   I'm just feeling like I'm more "together"!! 

I have my bible out more... I have been paying much more attention to the daily bible verses I receive on my bible app... and I've been praying & praising more!  2019 is the year I let God in COMPLETELY!  This is also the year ... I Let Go.   Let go of blaming myself for everything gone wrong.  Things happen because of the situation and circumstances!  Sometimes it really is someone else's doing!  Other times its the cards I was dealt!  God knows what He's doing allowing these things to happen in my life!  I'm going to Trust Him!!!!

Have a wonderfully Blessed day everyone!
God has it all under control!!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Thankful Thursday.........

☀☕  ~  Good Morning my dear friends and family!

What a lovely January day!  The sun is shinning ... the breeze isn't too bad and the temperature is 50*.   I'm so thankful for the nice weather lately... I've been able to get some things done that really needed done that required being outdoors at times! 
Coffee brewing first thing in the morning is such a wonderful smell!  Thank you coffee maker for working so hard to keep me supplied in cup after cup of coffee!
I'm so thankful for my truck that gets me back and forth to work so that I can earn a paycheck to be able to tend to my finances! 
I adore my job and all the people there!  So satisfying to get up in the morning and be happy to go to work.  I'm so grateful for all I have with my "work family"!
What a blessing my children are!  It amazes me every day that God entrusted me with my babies!  I love my children so much!!!  I cant imagine my life without them!!!
Yarn makes me happy!  The colors are so beautiful and bright!  The different brands texture are all so enjoyable!  I am so thankful that God blessed my Aunt with the talent of crochet and knitting and that she passed it on to me!  The joy it brings to me to take a simple skein of yarn and turn it into a pair of slippers that my husband absolutely loved.... or winter wear to keep a friend warm... or the baby blankets I have made each and every one of my grandbabies when they were born to surround them in love!  And all the countless items I've made for gifts or for sale.
My mother is just so dear to me!  She has been my rock through these tough times over the last few years!  I cant thank her enough for all she has done for me!  I am so very thankful she is in my life!
Memories.... some can be sad and heartbreaking ... others can be wonderful and heartwarming!  I'm so thankful for all the wonderful memories of life with my dear sweet Ken.  I miss him so much everyday.  Seems like more and more everyday!  It makes me so sad that he's not here to make more happy memories with me!  We had such a good life together... even through the bumps!   I feel like the bumps in the end is what made us stronger!  Love... forgiveness...  & grace!   I miss that man!
Lord God... I am beyond thankful for you!  For not giving up on me... for pursuing  me so that I would never be without you... for loving me unconditionally... and for your everlasting grace!  

Have a wonderfully thankful day everyone!
God loves you and so do I!

~Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.~  Proverbs 16:3


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year...

☀️ ~ Happy New Year everyone!
Well... Here I am with a brand new year ahead of me. I spent the last few days purging and organizing my office at home.
This year is going to be my year of organization!!!
My day started with this verse of the day on my Bible app. ~Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12~...
Followed by song after song on my radio on the way to work of encouragement.
I then spent time this morning purging and organizing my desk and office space at work.
Like I said.... This is going to be my year of organization!!! I'm going to get organized with God! I need Him in my life and He wants me in His!!! God has plans for me.... With being organized... I will be able to stay focused better and follow Him and live out the plans He has for me!
My year has already started off with continued trials I have been dealing with for the last 2 1/2 years along with new trials to deal with. But with the purging and organizing I've been doing.... I tossed those old recordings in my head that Satan plays over and over telling me lies of who I am and what I can and can not do. I know who I am!! *A child of God*. And I can do anything through Him!!!
Having said that.... With God ... I will be a better mom... Better Grandma... Better daughter... Better friend and a better child of His!!!

✝️ Many blessings to you all!!! 💕