Verse of the day...

~ “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10

Monday, March 31, 2008

Mailbox overflowing with kindness........

OmGosh.................... Look what was in my mailbox today. Do you believe this... all these packages were stuffed in my box..... *whew* Thank you all so very much for these beautiful squares. I cant tell you what a joy it was to open my mailbox today and see it so full of kindness!
All the colors are just perfect! The designs are awesome! The quality of the work is outstanding! You ladies are amazing! The more squares I receive... the more I completely believe God is guiding this project!
THANK YOU: Triskele (Rusty) -ScoobyDoo - crazyboutcrochet (Brenda) - Priszm - Eneida - croshay (Lisa) - sissie44 - momwifeof4boys (Lea) - Yarnfeather (Heather) - Pat54 - Caroline192


This is my newest sweater. Its going to be a Shrug type sweater. The body length only needs a few more inches..... then I'll add sleeves and this will be great for wearing over a tank top. I'm really having fun making myself a few things. This poor little sweater is missing its sleeve.... hehehehee... once I get that done ... boarder the neck and front... and add buttons... this will be for one of my granddaughters.
Whew.............back to work. I need to get a coffee refill ... tend to a load of laundry and get some crochet time in before bed. Um... thats if I go to bed.... :) hehehe
Have a Wonderful evening .................
Have you smiled at someone today? If not… you should. Sometimes that little gesture will cause the other person to smile… and if they aren’t having the best day… it will change that moment in their day for them. Smiling can be contagious … so .. if you smile with a heart for God… imaging what you’re spreading!!!
Hugs … love… blessings and tons of smiles,

1John 1:7

More Squares of love................

How is everyone this beautiful rainy day? Isnt the rain wonderful. Yeah... it tends to make a mess here and there... but oh... now fresh smelling and how clean if feels in the air. Birds are excited as the rain comes to a stop ... so they can collect the feast of worms and bugs that are brought to the surface. The trees become cleaned from the dust of the air and even the bare winter trees that havent quite shown colors of Sping yet.. look so much nicer after a shower.
Well.......... I have received more squares for my mommy's Comfortghan. They are beautiful and I cant wait to start putting the blanket together!!!
Thank you ladies.......... God Bless you!!!!

This is a 12" Butterfly Square I made for a fellow C'viller in need of squares for a Comforghan. I hope she likes it!
I know this was a quick post ... but I need to get a coffee refill and back to crocheting ... lots to get done. I will post a bit later with a pic of yet another sweater I have started for myself... *smacks self on head* when will I learn to finish other things before I start more?! :)
Have a Wonderful day.............. enjoy whatever weather is around you!
hugs... love and blessings,

Psalm 143:8

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Comfortghan for my mommy..........

A little background......
3 years ago this Fathers Day... my daddy passed away. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with.... and am still dealing with! My daddy was my hero... he was the first man in my life... the first man I loved... and now the first man to leave me. I could write for days telling the tales of my life with my daddy!
Anyway... about a year before daddy passed... one of my folks dogs (Rusty) died. He was a pretty old guy and lived a GREAT life for a doggie. Although it was a tough thing to deal with... I think them still having one other doggie.. helped them and the rest of us get through losing Rusty. Then daddy fell ill and months after that died. Boy that really stunk!!!!!!! But again... for my mom... I think having her other doggie (Jake) to hug on... helped her get through it.
Well......... last week... Jakie started acting funny.......... mom took him to the vet... but on the way there ... he passed away in the back seat of her car. Talk about heart breaking!!!!!!! My mommy's little buddy.... :( My heart litterly aches for her! Not to mention... I miss that silly little fur ball! I have two doggies... which happen to be Jakes dad and sister.
So now onto the Comfortghan.....................
I struggled one whole day... trying to decide whether or not to reach out for help in making my mom a blanket. I honestly argued with God over it. Of course... you know He always wins. :)
So... I did as an obedient child should and I asked for help on Crochetville. I was going to post on Cafe'Mom. But just felt like that was really asking too much. I didnt want to be greedy! I just wanted some help... to at least get this Comfortghan started for my mommy. I asked for 8" granny squares in earth tone colors that I would then put all together and make her a Comfortghan to wrap up in and feel loved.
The response was AMAZING.......... and I have already started to received packages. Thank you ladies so very much............... I certainly hope you all know what a blessing you truely are! My daughter asked me what happens if I get too many squares. I told her , "I wont get too many squares.... God is guiding this project and will make sure I get just the right amount... and if that means I double side the blanket and make a matching pillow or two... then thats what I do" So... I'm not turning anyone away that feels lead to send me a square or two! I really feel this is all being controled by the Good Lord ..... He knows this is what I wanted to do.. and is blessing this project.

So anyway................ thought I would share a pic of the squares I have received so far. They are just beautiful!!!! I am so excited! Thank you all again so much!

Special Thanks to: Rusty, Brenda and Eneida for the squares here in this pic that I have already received.

God Bless,

Lamentations 3:23

Thankful Thursday.................

Good evening................ Wow.. what a day! Went to my moms to spend time with her and make handmade greeting cards. We had a good time!!!
Thought I would share in this post another "Charity project" I believe it was last year ... I read on a post on Cafe'Mom about a little baby named Evelyn whos father shook her. She was rushed to the Hospital where she spent alot of time fighting to recover from Shaken Baby Syndrome. She still has side affects and still fights to get back to being a normal baby... but is recovering. Well... a sweet lady wanted to make a Comfortghan for Evelyn. So she put out a request for squares. I made 3 my daughter made 1 and a friend of mine made 1. I sent the 5 and was so thrilled to see a pic of Evelyns blanket all finished with our love squares mixed in there.
I wanted to share here too. It really does something to your heart to see your work put to the use it was intended for and appreciated.

These are the squares I made ..........................
This is the finished blanket that was given to Evelyn! :)

Now........... This brings me to the squares my daughter and I have been working on for "Hooking for a Cure" This is an updated picture of the dozen we have done. I'm not sure we will get any more done in the next few days before they need to be mailed.... but we'll try. I am amazed at the number of ladies helping and the number of squares that are going to be donated! Its just outstanding!!
Well........ off to get a refill on my coffee and get some more crocheting done.
Have a wonderful evening … and find at least one thing to be thankful for!
I’m thankful for *friends* (always there when I need them)… *my family* (loves me no matter what)… *sunny days* (great for ball games)… *rainy days* (cozy time for crafting) … *snowy days* ( the blanket of white is beautiful and fun to play in.. also means a great cup of cocoa is in order) … *windy days* (gives the trees a chance to talk)… *smiles* (warms your heart in joy)… *crying* (warms your heart in caring)… *anger* (reminds us we aren’t perfect and need God) ….. guess I found more than one thing to be thankful for …. Hehehee
Huge hugs…lots of love…and blessings beyond your wants or needs…
James 4:7

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Sharing...........

Busy Busy Busy.....
I have so many projects going ... I'm starting to actually worry.... hehehheeeee
I have a few more granny squares to finish for a project. I did get a couple more granny's done for the "Hooking for a Cure" project. Need to get those mailed out!
I'm a few rows and boarder away from being done with a baby blanket.
But .... for a little sharing of things I do have done.
These are slipper socks I loom knitted for my youngest... he loves them!!!!!!

These next three pics are of a few of the several Prayer Shawls I have made for family and friends that were in need of comfort during a tough time.

Okay... off to finish this one square and maybe I'll be back for more sharing. :)
Have a wonderful night..... sleep well.... and remember to count your blessings!
God Bless,
1John 3:18

Monday, March 24, 2008

Charity Work........

Goooooooooooooood Evening!
Praise God .... what a grand day it was! Sun was out... air was cool but not too bad so the boys were able to go out and play! And I was able to spend my day working on some much needed commitments!
What I have here to share are some of my Charity Squares.

This one is a Daisy Square to be sent to a wonderful lady named Krystal who collects all that are made for her and she assembles them into blankets for Charity! Thank you Krystal... for the pattern and your work!

These simple squares are for .... "Hooking for a Cure" that I will be sending out this week.
The afghans made from these squares will be auctioned at Mission Fish and the proceeds will be donated to the Cancer Research Foundation, in an effort to find a cure for cancer.
Thank you angelfire and Daisy for working this Charity so diligently.

Well... thats it for now... I want to get a bit more crocheting done before I call it a night.
Sleep well.... and have a fabulous tomorrow!
God Bless you!

Romans 12:12

I did it.............

Well............ its nothing fancy... but its mine! A creation all my own... only frogged once... And then worn with pride! I did it... I created something just for 'me' and got it done by my deadline.
I received several compliments! Some impressed... some not surprised due to seeing my handy work before.
Part of what was such a good feeling to me... was not only did I create this all on my own.. and achieved my deadline goal... but that I felt good wearing it. With the combination of having made it and my weight loss... I was feeling pretty good.

Hubby was seriously impressed at how pretty it turned out ... and how nice it looked on me. My sweet baby boys all said that I did a Great Job... and that they think I should make myself some more clothes. :) heheheeee.

This is me and my wonderfully supportive hubby! "I love you honey"
Today..... I'm going to spend it crocheting on some slightly overdue projects.... get some blogging in... do a few loads of laundry... and just enjoy my day.
You all have a wonderful morning and fabulous day.
I'll be back to blog more later... still have some sharing to do!
God Bless ................
Psalm 23:1

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shaking my head at myself............

Yup.... I'm nuts.
Now .... here I am... suppose to be working on this sweater.... right?!? And I have ... in between other projects. But you see... I have this problem with my hands they are crocheting one thing... while my brain is focused on creating another................. so what happens? Oh let me share. I put down what I'm working on and start the thing in my head. Now sometimes thats not to bad... doesnt create too much of a distraction.... and especially if I just make a mini/sample of what I'm thinking about. But then there are those times like yesterdy................OMy!!!
I got a brainstorm of another sweater.. one that would be great for Easter. EASTER? Um.... thats this Sunday! Hello... brain.... STOP. Well of course it didnt... and I put down this sweater to work on the one I apparently believe I will be wearing this Easter Sunday.
So................... say a little prayer for me ..... I really want to get my Easter sweater done. I have the body 90% done... then its two sleeves.

Now............ Lets get back to "The Simple Things"
You know... when boarding a piece of flannel fabric makes a great gift. This is for a family friend who's wife is due to have their baby in May. I will make another little something to go with... but thought.... "you know... Simple can be good too" We dont always have to kill ourselves to create the biggest ... bestest thing. This is a great gift... fun to do.. and will be loved just the same.

I'll be back later to post a pic of my Easter Sweater progress....... *nibbles nervously on nails*
Have a Wonderfully Blessed day..... and Keep it Simple!!!
God Bless,
~*~ Matthew 19:26~*~

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Praise God.............

for family...friends...low cal. food... good coffee... and a basket of yarn.
What a beautiful day.................... sun shinning... cool breeze... and just the site of nature.... awwwwwwwh
Well... my first share of the day will be this really good recipe. A cup of coffee and one of these bars in the morning... made a great way to start your day. Especially if you are watching your calories! I'm down to my last 10-15 lbs to lose and I will be at my goal weight.... WOO HOO!!


1 (6 oz.) pkg. (1 1/3 c.) diced, dried, mixed fruit
3/4 c. water
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1 1/4 c. quick or old fashioned oats (uncooked)
1/3 c. firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 c. all purpose flour
1/4 c. butter - melted

Heat oven to 350 degrees. In small saucepan, combine fruit, water and cinnamon. Cook over low heat for 10 minutes, stirring constantly, or until almost all liquids is absorbed. Remove from heat; cover and set aside.
Combine oats, brown sugar and flour. Add butter; mix well until crumbly. Reserve 1/3 cup oat mixture, press remaining mixture onto bottom of 8 or 9 inch baking pan. Bake 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown - spread remaining fruit filling evenly on base: sprinkle with reserved 1/3 cup oat mixture, patting lightly. Bake 20 minutes or until topping is golden brown. Cool, cut into bars. Store loosely covered.
9 servings, 180 calories each, 0 cholesterol. Diabetic exchange: 1 starch, 1 bread, 1 fruit, 1 fat

Now for some fun Craft shares. Lets see...........................
This is a Blanket I made for my cousin ... who's wife just had their baby.
This is my first Butterfly Square ... that I sent to a Crochetviller in need.This is a sleeper.... I created all by myself. (need to get the pattern written out nicely) That I made for a dear friend who also has a wife that had their baby this month.
Last but not least... this is the progress on my Sweater. I'm gettin' there. If I would stop working on other projects.... this would be done by now.... hehehehehe

Okay... off to get some more crocheting done.... and then pick up my midgets from school... then back here for more crocheting.... whew! :)
Have a Wonderful Day!
Hugs... Love.... and Blessings,

~*~60 lbs lost so far~*~

Thursday, March 13, 2008

World Kidney Day....

Bring awareness to others about kidney issues!
There are more children than you know that have Nephrotic Syndrome… many people have never heard of Nephrotic Sydrome… let alone that it is a kidney ailment.
It doesn’t stop with children… it can be found in adults … which is much more serious.
Please… take some time today to spread the word about this… bring awareness to others of this issue and any others that you know of. Most of all PRAY. Pray for total healing around the world for all with Kidney Ailments!

What is nephrotic syndrome?

Nephrotic syndrome is a condition often characterized by the following:

*very high levels of protein in the urine
*low levels of protein in the blood
*swelling, especially around the eyes, feet, and hands
*high cholesterol

What causes nephrotic syndrome?

Generally, nephrotic syndrome results from damage to the kidneys' glomeruli - the tiny blood vessels that filter waste and excess water from the blood and send them to the bladder as urine. However, in some cases, the cause remains unknown.Nephrotic syndrome may occur with many diseases, including the kidney diseases caused by type 2 diabetes. Prevention of nephrotic syndrome relies on controlling these diseases.

What are the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome?

Nephrotic syndrome is actually a set of symptoms and not a disease in and of itself.

The following are the most common symptoms of nephrotic syndrome. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:

*high blood pressure
*swelling in the feet and hands, and around the eyes
*susceptibility to infections

God Bless you all!!!

My 9yr old has Nephrotic Syndrome

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday............

Well................ good evening and Praise God!!!!! It was just beautiful today... wind and all! Oh my how the day started off just awesome with the most outstanding SunRise! Wow... it was so bright and so orange... you could clearly see its firey glow.
God sure knows how to start a day off right!
Lets see............. time for some shares... hmmm... maybe back to a few past things made.
My mom and I took painting classes at Michaels and this was one of the projects. Painting on fabric. Its a small canvas bag. I was really pleased at how it came out.

This is another sample of my 'Printables' work. (sorry about picture quality)
These are knitted image squares..... I really want to make more. Put them into a blanket... or even a sweater.
Okay.... off to have dinner. I may post more yet tonight... I need to put an update on my sweater... :) Its getting close to done.
God Bless.................

Monday, March 10, 2008

eeeeeeeeek..... I've been tagged

Tagged by: Angela

The tag rules are:
1. When tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself
4. Name 7 of your favorite weblogs
5. Send an e-mail letting those bloggers know they have been tagged
So here are 7 random things about me:

1) I'm a Christian and proud of it. I love my God and He loves me!!!
2) I have 6 perfect kids and 5 precious grandbabies
3) Married to the greatest man on the planet!
4) Live in a beautiful home my husband built us.
5) LOVE to craft!!!!! Mostly with my mom ... daughter and sis-in-law.
6) Love to go to my kids baseball games!!! Am overjoyed that they love to play.
7) My Daddy is my Angel in Heaven and my Hero............... I love you daddy!
8) I am the proud owner of CarltonCandyCovers - which I have expanded to other wonderfully fun mini business's. WrappedtoGo igotmugs
9) I love helping others. I will do what I can! Always!
10) I am a serious Coffee-o-holic!!! Coffee-o-holic!!! Coffee-o-holic!!!

Oops........... I went over 7.... oh well........... guess the coffee kicked in.... hehheheheeee

Hat, Scarf and Drawstring handbag (free pattern)

Size H hook

Ch 4 – sl st to join
Row 1 – ch 3 – dc 11 ( 12 dc total) join
Row 2 – ch 3 – 2 dc in each dc .. join
Row 3 – ch 3 – 2 dc in next st … 1dc in next st - *2dc in next st…1dc in next st* repeat * * join
Row 4 – ch 3 - 2 dc in next st … 1 dc in next 2 st. - * 2dc in next st … 1dc in next two sts* repeat * *join
Row 5 - ch 3 - 2 dc in next st… 1 dc in next 3 st. – *2dc in next st… 1dc in next 3 st.* repeat * * join
Row 6 – ch 3 - 1 dc in each st all around … join
Continue Row 6 until you reach the desired size.
~Ruffle~ with same color yarn or change of color… work one row of dc in each st… join
Ch 3 – 3dc in next st… 4 dc in next st… 3 dc in next st… 4 dc in next st… continue this pattern to end. Join…. Tie off… tuck in tail.

Add desired flower pattern you have to side/front.

Size H hook

Ch 150 – 200
Dc in 3rd ch from hook
*Dc in each stitch across to end… ch 3 … turn
Dc in each stitch across to end.*
Work this pattern for as many rows as you desire wide.
~Blocking~ 1 sc in each st to end of row.
3 sc in last st…. continue around the corner with 1 sc in each empty sp.
3 sc in last st… continue around corner with 1sc in each st to end of row… 3 sc in last st… continue around corner with 1sc in each empty sp. Join with sl st at beginning.
~Ruffle~ with same color or change of color… join to corner of short end with a sl st. Ch 3 … 2dc in same st. 3 dc in each st to end. Tie off.
Repeat this step for the other end.

Size H hook

Ch 4 – sl st to join
Row 1 – ch 3 – dc 11 ( 12 dc total) join
Row 2 – ch 3 – 2 dc in each dc .. join
Row 3 – ch 3 – 2 dc in next st … 1dc in next st - *2dc in next st…1dc in next st* repeat * * join
Row 4 – 2 dc in next st … 1 dc in next 2 st. - * 2dc in next st … 1dc in next two sts* repeat * *join
Rows 5 –12 ch 3 - 1 dc in each st all around … join
~Top and Ruffle~ with same or change of color work 3 rows of
1 dc in each st
Last row… is worked with 3 dc in one st… 4 dc in next st …3 dc in next st.. 4 dc in next st… and so on till end of row. Join. Tie off.
~Drawstring handles~ Make 2 … Ch 100 or desired length. Weave in and out in 3rd row from top… tie ends together. Weave other handle other direction on same row.. .tie.
by: Tammy Carlton

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Whew..............what a day.

Busy Busy Busy!
How wonderful that is though!!! That means I have lots of love in my life!

So...lets see.......... keeping with some current projects......
These are slippers I knitted for my mom.

These are socks I knitted for a Valentine Swap.

Crocheted Socks.... pretty easy too.

Well.. there ya have a few of the things I've been doing lately.
I have a Hat, Scarf and Drawstring hang bag that I will share with you in another post.
It will be my first posted "Free Patttern" by me! :)
Well... off to get more work done on my sweater! I'm getting excited... I'll be working on sleeves here soon!
Have a Wonderful Evening ... and great rest of the weekend!!!
Gods Blessings to you all!

Romans 12:12

Friday, March 7, 2008

A free few minutes...........

Well.......... I have a few minutes before I help my 11 yr old get a loaf of bread into the bread machine. (He's such a good boy and wants to help and earn some $$$) So.. he's going to make his first loaf of bread.... to go with our Mac & Cheese dinner he is making us tonight. I love him!
Anyway... thought I would post a pic of something thats more current!
This is one of my WIP's. I've decided that since this was National Crochet Month... I would honor it by making something for ME and of my own design.
This is a sweater I'm working on... its about half done. I'm really pleased at how its coming along too.
Off to get bread going......................
God Bless,

Fabulous Friday...................

Gooooooooooooood Morning and Praise God! What a beautiful Winter Morning. Fresh snow covers the ground this morning from a lovely over-night fall.
Well... lets see... what will I share this morning.... hmmm?

This is a few hand made cards. I love rubber stamping!

Easter Duct Tape treat bags

Very first 12 point round ripple afghan

My first Amigurumi Teddy Bears.... pretty proud of these guys.

Off to get a few things done... maybe I'll pop in again later and share more!
Have a great day .. and a wonderfully blessed weekend!
God is amazing... just look outside and take it all in... you'll see.
hugs... love and blessings

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good Morning ......

and Praise God. It is so beautiful today... the sky is clear... the air is crisp... and the birds are chirping! Oh.. the signs of Spring.
Well........ this morning I'll share a few pictures before I have to leave to get my midgets off to school.
This is a canvas tote bag and onesie with an original designed graphic of a P'nut Baby on it for a gift from one friend to another.

This is one of my first 'Duct Tape' bags

This is another Duct Tape bag I made for my brother for his Boy Scouts.

you all have a wonderful day.... I'm off to get my babies to school and spend the day with my mom making handmade cards.
Count your blessings today.... you have more than you realize!!!

God Bless....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday Night............

Sittin' here crocheting.............. Oh Shock..... I know!
I have so many things I want/need to get done. Praise God I can and will!
Well......... I thought I was going to get more done on here today ... you know the ol' saying... why plan my day... someone will plan it for me... :)
I have many things I want to share... and this new little blog is going to be my 'show and share' corner of the blog world.
Of late I have been heavy into my crocheting and knitting. But I have been blessed with a talent for crafting in general... so there isnt many crafts that I havent at least tried once or twice... but many that I have kept in my crafting life.
So for my first 'show and share' I'm going to reach back into some of my other crafts.
This is a Birthday Party Set done in Printables.
Card stock ... paper.. laminate and plenty of adhesive.

This is a Printables Halloween Party Set

And this is a Birthday Gift Set I made for my mommy....

Well........... off to get more crocheting done before I get a nap in before morning... hehhehehee
God Bless.....................Night