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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Why taking a break from Social Media is needed....... 5

5. Social media can distract you from the moment.

Social media often prevents us from paying attention to what is actually happening.
I'm sure we've all had that one friend who spends more time checking his or her Facebook or Instagram feed for updates than actually talking when you go out for dinner.
As a result, the whole experience becomes less enjoyable. It's easy to fall into the routine of checking social media sites whenever you have a chance, but by doing so, we tend to appreciate reality less.
If you attend a concert and are constantly tweeting about how great an artist is, aren't you actually distracting yourself from the performance?
Or, if you go hiking but constantly stop every couple of minutes to take a selfie, aren't you missing out on the natural beauty of wherever you are?
I realize these examples are exaggerated, but the bottom line is social media often detracts from the beauty of the moment. We should exercise caution when using it.

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