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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Why taking a break from Social Media is needed....... 2

2. Social media presents us with a distorted version of reality.

As I mentioned in the previous point, it's obvious the majority of what we see on social media doesn't relate to positive thoughts or happy moments.
We tend to see the struggles or low points in the lives of others, which makes us feel more conscious of our own flaws.
As a result, many people who use social media fall into the trap of trying to make their lives seem more glamorous than they really are.
In fact, I've heard many stories from friends who claim they are depressed or unhappy, despite those beautifully filtered pictures on their Instagram feeds.
We sometimes forget the fact that what we see on social media does not truly represent someone's life; rather, it's just a glimpse at one specifically chosen moment in it.
Once again, we should be more concerned with reality instead of trying to project a certain image via social media.

Many Blessings
Tammy 💕

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