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Friday, February 26, 2010

Freebie Friday........

Window to my Heart Dishcloth
by: Tammy Carlton
©Coffee n’ Crafts

Knitting Needles ~ #10 (6mm)

Yarn ~ Peaches & Cream Cotton

Skill Level ~ Easy

CO 32
Row 1 – 4: knit
Row 5: knit 4, purl 6, knit 3, purl 6, knit 3, purl 6, knit last 4
Row 6: knit across
Row 7: knit 4, purl 6, knit 3, purl 6, knit 3, purl 6, knit last 4
Row 8: knit
Row 9: knit 4, purl 6, knit 3, purl 6, knit 3, purl 6, knit last 4
Row 10: knit across
Row 11: knit 4, purl 6, knit 3, purl 6, knit 3, purl 6, knit last 4
Row 12: knit across
Row 13 – 16: knit across
Row 17 – 24: repeat rows 5 - 12
Row 25 – 28: knit across
Row 29 – 36: repeat rows 5 - 12
Row 37 – 40: knit across
Row 41 – 48: repeat rows 5 – 12
Row 49 – 51: knit across
Row 52: knit and bind off.

For hanging loop: (optional)
With crochet hook and 12” tail of yarn….ch 10 .. sl st back into base of chain/corner of cloth

Created & written by: ©Tammy Carlton - March 2011
Do not sell pattern. Do not post pattern without link back to original. & blessings,

**The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.~Proverbs 10:22**


Emilia Bird said...

knitting dishcloths is under-rated.

Unknown said...

Love it! Hope you don't mind that I share this link with others. :-)

teakaycee said...

Thank you both for your compliments!
Yes... thank you for asking.. I would love for you to share the link. The more we share the more crocheting and knitting we spread! :)

God Bless

Anna said...

Just finished it today! Came out great, and I'm a beginner knitter with just scarf knowledge.

Tip for beginners: a page marker (mini Post-it)helps you figure how where you are in the pattern.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be volunteer teaching a knitting class at a summer camp, and this pattern seems like a great one for beginners. Could I share this pattern with my students, if I include credit to you and your blog?

LynnLaf said...

Hello Tammy,
I've been knitting for years and your little Coffee n' crafts pages are very nice, Thank-you so much for sharing, God Bless you and family n'friends Linda from Maine

teakaycee said...

Absolutely Sabrina ....
I hope your class is fun and a success!!!

God Bless
Tam ☕

teakaycee said...

Thanks so much for the compliment!

Blessings to you

Dandylines said...

I too would like to share this pattern with a class at Senior Center. It is free to participants.
What is the stitch repeat? I would like to know so knitters can make it bigger.