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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More on our DR trip......................

Goooooooooooood Morning.................
Well.............I'm going to share the second day of Baseball on our trip!

This is a post my hubby put on FB.... thought it would be easier to just copy and paste here so you all can get a better idea what fun we're having!


Dominican Republic Update

We played in a complex today called Baseball City. These are fields, weight rooms and dormitories for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Orioles, and Chicago White Sox. This is where the Dominican kids live and play baseball year round.

Well we held our own pretty well against some of the top 16-19 year old at the Arizona Diamondbacks Academy. We lost both games 2-...0 and 4-0. Our group of kids got to experience 90mph+ pitching today. While the Dominicans had some really strong arms, they really didn't have much else than speed. Their fielding was outstanding and they were very aggressive on the bases. We did pick them off 4 times stealing.

In the first game:
Patrick went 0for2 striking out once and grounding out to 3rd once. He played 3rd base for 6 innings and had 1 play to first. He pitched the 7th inning facing 3 batters and threw 10 pitches. First batter popped up to shortstop on the 3rd pitch, second batter he struckout in 3, and the third batter he struck out in 3. The Dominican kids are crazy good fastball hitters because that's just about all they see in their own leagues. Patrick's curve and his slider were real trouble for them.

In the second game Patrick came in to play 3rd in the 6th inning, he had 2 plays to first, one he fielded well, but "derped" the throw to first, and a second play where he redeemed himself with a great stop and throw to first. In the 7th inning he came in to relieve and faced 6 batters, he gave up 1 hit, 1 run had 2 strikeouts and one pop fly to short.

Overall today was a fantastic day of baseball. The kids that attend these academies for the MLB are prospects the MLB teams are spending tons of money developing. The system down here allows the MLB to pay the kids extreme amounts of money for the rights to their development and future contracts in the Majors. On the teams we played today there were 2 kids who have signed contracts of 1 million and 850K respectively.

Tomorrow will be another 2 games, we believe we will be playing at the New York Mets facilities, or back at the field we played on Tuesday. Patrick will start one of the 2 games tomorrow.
~Arizona Diamondback training facility~
Today's games played here!
31 July 2013

~Arizona Diamondback training facility~
This was the field we played on................ WOW

~Arizona Diamondback training facility~
Housing... Gym.... and school.

~Our opponent today~
Some of these boys have already signed with the Diamondbacks.

~batting cages~
Our boys warming up

We may have lost 2-0....but WOW we played good against these guys!!!

 ~Patrick pitching~
......ball drops.....and whoosh.....STRIKE!!!

Patrick with a new friend!
This young man just got signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks  for $850,000

~Catcher & Pitcher~
Patrick and another friend who was signed this month for one million dollars! He's an awesome catcher!
Serious fun!

~Another Great Game~
We lost this one also....but by very little!
The boys played great and had so much fun!

LOL.... serious fun!
These kids all had a great time

 LOL ..... More Fun
Even the umpires had a great time!!!
Love it!!!

~Team USA~
Awesome team!!!

Thank you for a great time today Baseball City!

~Orioles Training Facility~
Just across the road from where we played!

Hugs... Love & Blessings
More tomorrow.........................

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