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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mystery CAL Monday........

On Crochetville this last few days we have been working a Mystery CAL (crochet-a-long) project. The host of the CAL(Thank you Sarah) would give a set of instructions each day until completed. It was so much fun!!!! I've asked if it would be okay to post the CAL here for others to enjoy and was given the okay! So even though you will see pics here of what is being created and its not really a mystery... Have fun!

We'll start here with Day 1 instructions... the days after that will be linked to the 'ville as to where you can find them.
Spring Mystery CAL
size 10 cotton thread and a size 7 steel hook or
size 3 cotton thread and a size D hook or
ww cotton yarn and a size F or G hook
Use what works for you.
Everyone's welcome! Each Day a few rounds will be posted, along with 1 of the mystery items needed to finish in the end. (household items, things most of us already have, or very cheap, or not at all, and we will see what we come up with)Instead of saying Repeat * to * ...yada yada, I will just write it out, ex. "Repeat stitch sequence" means to repeat the stitches made in the brackets.
Day 1
ch4, slst to form ring.
R1 ch1, 12 sc in ring. Join with a slst to first sc. (12sc)
R2 ch1, In Back Loops, sc in same sp, 2sc in each sp around, end with 1sc in beg. sp. (where ch1 is) slst to first sc to join. (24sc)
R3 ch1, sc in same sp, ch4, slst in second ch from hook (picot) ch2, skip next sc, sc in next sc, (looks like a pointy loop) {ch4, slst in second ch from hook (picot) ch2, skip next sc, sc in next sc} Repeat stitch sequence around 9 more times, ending with a last "pointy loop" ch4, slst in second ch from hook, hdc in top of first sc of round. (12 pointy loops and your hook is at the top of the last one made)
R4 ch1, TURN, slst in top of last picot made, {ch5, slst in top of next picot} Repeat stitch sequence around. Ending with a slst in the first slst made (top of first picot) (12, ch5 loops)
R5 ch1, TURN, 6sc in each loop around, join with a slst to first sc made. (72sc)Today's Mystery Item is an old piece of cardboard. Scrap is good, old box. Not like a cereal box, just plain "moving" or corrugated box. That's it for today, have fun!

Day 3 instructions

Day 4 (part 1) instructions

Day 4 Final instructions
And there you have it............. check out some of the pictures of the ideas the ladies had for their mystery item.

hugs... love & blessings...
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~ Psalm 78:52**


Anonymous said...

Yay! This is great! I'm linking to you in my "favorite Places" on the side of my blog, I love your blog btw. It's very encouraging! Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

I must need some coffee or sleep, I've already linked to you. lol

teakaycee said...

How absolutely sweet of you! Thank you for the compliment ... I do appreciate it! Thank you again for hosting the CAL and letting me post it here.
hehehe... there is always time for coffee... sleep can come later... get coffee first. :)