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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Going for God...........

Going for God

The struggle has come...…

Hello my friends and family!  First... let me ask for prayers!
I'm reaching out with a great need for my boys.  Since their dad's passing our financial state has slowly become a struggle.
Finances have become more of an issue this year now especially trying to pay for two boys to go to college.   We've filled out papers, forms and anything else we can find.   The boys are looking at more scholarships and even grants for more help.   But as of right now... we haven't had much of any luck.   With school starting in a couple weeks... we are reaching out here in hopes to get some help for David's Freshman year and Michael's Sophomore year.

Michael wants to become a Youth Pastor

David wants to pursue Worship Arts and Deaf Ministry.

I know the need seems large... but its to help them both.

We would appreciate the help!
As we sit here with our need... we understand that we aren't the only ones.   So if you cant spare the money ….. we could certainly use all the prayers we can get also!

Thank you all so much!
<>< God Bless!!!

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