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Monday, July 27, 2020

Why taking a break from Social Media is needed....... 7

7. Social media can make it harder to move forward with your life.

Social media sometimes makes it hard to let go of our pasts. It's difficult to get over your ex if you constantly see pictures of him or her with someone else or having fun without you.
Similarly, it might be difficult to buckle down and study when you notice all your friends are constantly posting pictures of themselves, enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather.
This relates back to the very first point in this article: Sometimes social media makes us less focused on our own lives and more focused on what others are doing.
In order to truly move forward, we need to limit the distractions around us.
While social media has the potential to be great, like by sharing interesting ideas or thoughts with others, most of us use it in very unproductive and unnecessary ways.
We could probably all benefit from limiting the time we spend on frivolous tasks related to social media and instead devote the time to the people and activities that matter to us.
Above all, we should remember there's a whole physical world out there. We shouldn't be afraid to put down our smart phones once in a while and explore it.

God Bless
Tammy 💕

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